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Kids' Christmas!

People are Talking About

Quantina O.

I have been blessed to be a part of Kids' Christmas. That myself and children attend every year to be around others not only around Christmas time but to embrace the love that surrounds the party. Many Blessings.

1999/Tribal member Everett B.

Founder liz is a wonderful woman with what she has done for the community and the children. I worked very hard to help Kids Christmas be a smashing success!

State Sen. Edith P.

I am very impressed with Hall’s work.

Barbara H.

Momma Liz is the most unselfish,  energetic and generous woman that I know. She has devotedly her life to doing for others, especially children; over 30 years of devotion to Kids Christmas. It's my honor & pleasure to be associated with this wonderful charity!

Tribal Member Tony B.

What I like is, I’ve donated to the national organizations but here, you really see where the money goes.

Jackie R.


I just wanted to say how wonderful it is that the Kid’s Christmas organization (Executive Director-Brenda Stone) has a Christmas party for the children each year. To take time out of your own lives in order to give back to others, that is a very real thing these days. I bring my granddaughter. She is very happy with the gifts she receives, she loves the coat they gave her. Without this party many children would go without.  Love to all,  - Jackie R.

LaVeeDa F.

“The reason why I have donated is because I love kids and I like to see kids smile.” That to me, is the big payback to see kids smile." 

The Zimmerman Family

Kids Christmas I have been going for Thirty Plus Years Taking my children now taking my Grandchildren. It has been Such A Blessings For Norwich/ New London County To help Families That Are Less Fortunate Than Others the burden has been lifted off of Parents so that The Their Child Or Children Will be getting A gift Or gifts For Christmas . The Winter Coats are a sure Blessing. Not to mention the Beautiful raffles. Please continue the Legacy.

Laurie G

"This has had such a wonderful impact on my life. It's wonderful to receive when needed but even better to give back. It doesn't always take alot to give back but always do when you can. The reward is the most heart warming feeling.  28 years later I look forward to every year working with the wonderful team of Angels. When the day comes for the party it can be an emotional experience to see the smiles, joy and laughter from the children who in some cases this is all they have. I am looking forward to this holiday season with the Kids Christmas.

Love to all the ones who make this possible and to the families that will be there. 

MaryJane J.

“A lot of people don’t do this, they don’t think about the kids who don’t have anything...Not every parent can provide for their kids without some help. Liz’s is someone who cares about the kids not what she’s getting out of it.”-

Tribal member Kenny R.

“It’s a really good cause. For those who receive gifts, Liz ‘s work is a Godsend.”

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